We are a family

Our habitat

We create a living space where you can easily build and deepen relationships. With the following offers, we provide a framework for this space.

  • All
  • Adults
  • Women
  • Young adults
  • Kids
  • Men
  • Seniors
  • Teens

glow ant

Large Kindergarten to 3rd grade | One Saturday per month

glow Kids

4th to 6th grade | One Saturday per month
Kinderhüte seetal chile / Spielzeug


0 years to small kindergarten | Every Sunday

glow Kigo

Small Kindergarten to Grade 7 | Every Sunday

glow Youth

7th grade to 18 years | Every 2nd Saturday

glow Next

From 18 years | Once a month


We look forward to seeing you!


Discover your true identity as a woman

Men Event

Discover your true identity as a man


Celebrating community and continuing to grow in old age


Drinks, snacks and fellowship

d'Bible discover

Growing in faith together

Early prayer

Carrying the seetal chile in prayer


Children, adolescents and young adults

It is our great desire to create living spaces for children, youth and young adults where they can make friends and get to know God. That is why we have for different age categories Offerswhich are coordinated with each other. All these Offers can be found in the section above.

To simplify matters and for reasons of comprehensibility, you can see an overview graphic of the glow offers below.

Übersicht über alle Gefässe in der glow Kinder- und Jugendarbeit der seetal chile

We want you to feel at home with us quickly and be able to make connections.

Come by!

We'll be happy to serve you a coffee - and we'd even rather get to know you. We look forward to meeting you!